7 Reasons Why You Need a Website

Websites are valuable for any business, large or small. They help you find potential customers online, connect directly to existing customers, and market your products / services.

As a business owner you need a business website to grow your brand or company. Customers will check your company or brand before doing business with you. A business website is not only about selling goods to your customers. It is also about reaching your audience on your own platform. So it is obvious that you definitely need a business website.

Do you really need a website for your business? Here's 7 reason why:

  1. People are searching for you online
  2. Customers expect it
  3. Your business will gain credibility
  4. Cost-effective solution to connecting with your customers
  5. You'll appear on Google Search Results
  6. You can target a wider audience
  7. It provides a medium to showcase your work, services or products

I have a Facebook page. Do I still need a website?

With your own website, you control the narrative. You're not at the mercy of a platform like Facebook or other social networking platforms. What happens when Facebook changes its terms of service and other services? Or worst, what happens if Facebook shuts down? How would your customers reach you? It is a good investment for your business to have an online presence that you have full control over. Integrating social media activities on your website can be easily implemented nowadays. They work hand-in-hand.

Do websites still matter?

Whether for new or returning clients, business websites still matter. Even in the app world, people who use those apps still end up on websites most of the time. That is why websites are even more relevant. If you don't have a website, your content is just floating around the internet.

Are websites a worthwhile financial investment for small businesses?

Yes, yes! Approximately 30% of small businesses that have a website spend less than PhP10,000 every year to launch and maintain a website.

The Missed Oppurtunities

If you haven’t considered creating a website, you could be missing out on some of these opportunities:

  • Engaging new and retaining your customers
  • Increasing your revenue(s)
  • Communicating your brand
  • Gathering feedback, analytics & intelligence
  • Controlling your own narative